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3 “Dummy” characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. Each character includes a pole, stuffed toddler sized hoodie, and flat head with decoupaged face. Does NOT include the peeking-motor mechanism. Just the body-pole.
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Each unique handmade prop includes plywood face with decoupaged print, stuffed hoodie, and back pole. They tuck their sleeves into their hoodie pockets and resemble the little delinquents that they are.
These likely need to be refurbished, although in the dark with colored lighting you'd never notice their fading. We recommend RIT dyes for the hoodie in “Royal Blue” (a very quick dip will make a blue-tinted gray hoodie on Barrel), “Scarlet” for Lock, and “Navy Blue” (which is more of a powder purple) for Shock. Then treat them with RIT Colorstay Fixative to help them keep their color (We didn't do this before, which we regret.) Then over them with some UV fabric protector spray. These were used for only one Christmas season and you can see how faded they got in the sun.  I would wash the hoodies before re-dying to remove the UV and Waterproofing spray we used on them.

To refurbish the faces, you can either use the existing printed face to repaint them by hand, or I can provided the custom image files for the faces if you'd like to print out and reapply them. (We used Modpodge.)

These are meant for mounting on a motorized “Peeper” mechanism, like that shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsysS4QlaVc (Mechanism not included)


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