Ceremonies of Love

Commitments, Welcomes & Farewells

Register: Riverside LGBTQ+ Pride’s Ceremony of Love

As an ordained minister, it is my mission to treat everyone with compassion and equality, no matter what your story is. Love is universal, and whether the occasion is two people joining two souls together, welcoming a new soul into the world, or saying farewell to a loved one, I’m happy to provide ceremonies tailored and perfectly personalized to your wishes. I specialize in spiritual, secular, pagan, and agnostic programs, and welcome any request for rituals, passages or performance.

I am double-ordained through the Universal Life Church and American Marriage Ministries. My credentials are available for review upon request.


When it comes to weddings and commitments, I am your guide. I can assist you with every step of the process and advise you in your journey to the ceremony. Your special day can range from a simple 5 minute rite to an involved lavish celebration.


If you’re welcoming a little one into the world, baptisms are a common ceremonial tradition in Christian families. I can offer alternative ceremonies to welcome your little one and bless your family, no matter your faith. A welcoming ceremony can fill the need for a loving, joyus event for the whole family, that isn’t limited to a certain faith or doctrine.


There comes a time in every person’s life when it’s time to say goodbye. I specialize in non-denominational spiritual or non-spiritual ceremonies to send loved ones off on their continued journey with love, respect and dignity. Farewell ceremonies can be customized to anyone’s final wishes.

Service Area

My service area generally includes anywhere within a 1 hour drive of Riverside zip code 92503. I will travel outside of this area but it might require travel fees.


The cost for your ceremony will vary depending on the ceremony and the details. However, my base rate starts at $175 per ceremony, which includes planning time, travel time and the ceremony itself. For additional time and services, I charge $50 per hour in general. You will always receive a solid price before committing to any service.

It is my mission to provide service to anyone who needs it, and to marry anyone who wishes to be married. Although I can’t offer services for free, I will work with you to find a solution that works for you.